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What is the best way to remove a cosmetically distressing mole on the face or body?
There is no best way to perform mole removal surgery but there are different reasons for using certain techniques based on the intended result. If the ultimate goal is to remove a mole for cosmetic improvement it is usually best to surgically excise it using plastic surgery techniques to minimize scarring. The preferred outcome would be that the scar from the mole removal is minimal and much less noticeable than the mole itself.
Which is a Better for Cosmetic Purposes for a 2mm Mole on Nose, Dermal Punch or Cutting with Knife?
There is no best way to remove a mole from the nose or face. This being said, there are ways that are better than others depending on the location and size of the mole. The best way to increase your chances to get the best possible results is to have a doctor that understands plastic surgery techniques. A board certified plastic surgeon is a physician that should be able to choose the right treatment and would have the surgical skills to apply it your unique mole.
I have a mole on my lip right where the colored portion meets the regular skin. What is the best way to remove this mole?
A mole in this area is tricky to remove. One must be careful about the junction between red part of the lip and the regular skin. That being said there are ways to minimize scarring and get good results. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon. He or She would be able to advise you on the best technique for this. I have done this many times and there is no best way since each situation is unique and has to be tailored for each patient individually.
I have a mole on my eyelid is is it possible to remove this with minimal scarring?
This mole can be removed with minimal scarring. It is good to know where the mole lies when the eye is open. This will help in planning the incision and help to minimize the scarring.
I have a mole on my forehead. What is the best way to remove it with the least amount of scarring?
In general a mole the size you are describing is best treated by cutting it out completely and using plastic surgery techniques to close it. This will likely give the least chance of recurrence and the least amount of scarring of all the available techniques.


mole-removal-photoMole removal is a relatively quick and simple surgical procedure. The removal of moles is a very common procedure requiring little recovery time. It is advantageous to have mole removal surgery performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, like Dr. Dev Wali, to ensure minimization of any potential scarring.

The best mole removal method is dependent upon the characteristic of the mole to be removed, including its size, shape and color.

Dr. Wali’s mole removal philosophy:
Removal of facial moles requires a high level of surgical and artistic skill if it is to be done with minimal scarring. When Dr.Wali removes a mole or mass from the face he considers the whole face and not simply the area where the mole is located. When considering the whole face Dr. Wali is taking into account where all the muscles of facial expression are located as well as where the natural lines of tension are on the face. Knowledge of these important anatomic facts help in minimizing scar formation. This knowledge is gained from years of training in reconstructive plastic surgery where he has repaired many traumatic and cancer related wounds of the face. Also Dr. Wali has learned and studied extensively the art of cosmetic facial surgery. Having performed many facelift and eyelid procedures has gives him a unique ability to understand how to get excellent cosmetic results when surgically removing moles.

Any physician can remove a mole from the face, however, the level of surgical training and expertise can directly impact the quality of result. Dr. Wali is committed to the art of cosmetic plastic surgery and uses all the techniques mastered in his years of training and practice to remove facial moles in the least invasive and cosmetically superior way.

Different Types of Moles
Skin Tags- These moles are small skin growths that may have a small narrow stalk. They are usually skin-colored or occasionally darker in color, and are usually painless.

Raised Moles- These moles can be a variety of colors and run deeper than flat moles.

Flat Moles- These moles are any dark spot or irregularity in the skin.

Treatment Methods for Mole Removal
Laser- This method of mole removal is usually used for flat moles that are brown or black in color.

Excision- This method of mole removal includes excising the mole for complete and permanent removal. This procedure is typically used on raised moles.

Electocautery-This method of mole removal is usually used to remove skin tags. This procedure uses heat to burn the mole off and reaches only the superficial layers of the skin, so scarring is not a problem.

Recovery following Mole Removal
Mole removal is a safe procedure with very minimal side effects. If the laser method has been used to remove the mole, there will usually be a scab that can take a week to fall off. The area is usually reddish once the scab falls off and can take several weeks before normal skin color returns. During this time, the area should be kept clean and protected from the sun. If excision was used to remove the mole, stitches will be left in for approximately one week.

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